4 Steps for Hope and Change (the Choice-Cube Method) will help you move from Shadow to Light. At any moment you are in one of these two possible points-of-view.

Being in the light is meant to be your normal way of life. In the Light, you live with hope and gratitude. Even when stress and problems arise, you are able to keep your focus on God and his Word. In the Light you want to resolve issues, keep growing, and become the person God created you to be.

In the shadows you are defensive. Instincts and habit patterns of your subconscious mind dominate your life. Current research even suggests that by age thirty-five, your subconscious dictates 94-96% of your reactions.

In the Shadows, you are stressed, confused, frustrated, numb, or anxious, and often feel stuck. Your primary concern is not to seek God’s will but to avoid discomfort or to feel in control.

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