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How to take 4 simple steps to be your best self,
even on your worst days.

The message of the Choice-Cube Method is a simple one. Stay present and aware, connected to yourself with honesty and compassion so you can discover the person you were meant to be!

No one goes through life without some suffering and losing touch with the best of who we are. What makes the difference is knowing how to stay connected to ourselves and others, responding to problems, disappointments, and losses from our best self.

In difficult or confusing times, using the 4 steps and simple tools in this book can help you do just that!

Staying connected to yourself—in touch with what you honestly and compassionately think, feel, want, and do—will help you train your brain and condition your body to find and to be your best self, even on your worst days.

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The Choice-Cube Method - learning to understand how my body, emotions, thoughts and will can work together for good or to keep me stuck - has changed my entire worldview and affected how I interact with others for the better.
— Client

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