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How can you live
in the Light?

Does becoming defensive or aggressive (Shadow) interfere with your life and relationships? Do you want to understand yourself and make better choices?

The simple Tools and 4 Key Steps of the Choice-Cube Method help you manage
your body, emotions, mind,
and will/desires so you can  resolve old wounds and manage daily irritations. You

can learn to stay open, curious, and a problem solver (Light).

 Check out the FREE OFFER and browse the website to learn more about the Choice-Cube Method's Tools and 4 Step. You can choose how you prefer to spend your time and energy. 

“The Choice-Cube Method - learning to understand how my body, emotions, thoughts and will can work together for good or to keep me stuck - has changed my entire worldview and affected how I interact with others for the better.
— Mentee of Dr. Beth Cuje

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