Learn About the Choice-Cube Method

ARE YOU READY TO STAY AWARE and make healthy choices that express the best of who you are?. . .  When you are aware, present, and in your conscious mind, expressing the best of who you are, you are in the LIGHT and becoming the person you were meant to be.    

ARE YOU READY TO STOP SLEEPWALKING THROUGH LIFE, allowing your past and your subconscious mind to hijack you?. . . When you mindlessly repeat distorted and limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviors, you are in the SHADOWSYour past controls you and your choices. Failing to be fully in the present, you seem unable to express the best of who you are. 

      Consider the Choice-Cube Method!

This approach to freedom of choice and change gives you a simple Visual Aid  to help you know when you are in Shadow.  But there's more. :-)

The Method also equips you with 4 Steps that you can depend on to help you move from Shadow to Light as well as simple Tools for taking each of the 4 Steps.


In the LIGHT you are honest, grateful, peaceful, hopeful, and satisfied.  Actually, feeling this way is meant to be your normal way of life. Yes, stress and problems come around, but in the light you manage to stay open and curious, like a kid. You're balanced, a "giver," not just a "taker.' Instead of becoming inappropriately defensive, trying to avoid or control people, things, and problems, you take action to resolve them "win-win." .

In the SHADOWS, you feel stressed, confused, frustrated, anxious, or just numb. In shadow, you shy away from the honesty and compassion of Light. You want to avoid difficult situations or control them in ways that feel safe but that usually fail to resolve the issues. Perhaps you feel stuck with no options

It's normal to go into shadow, things happen. The problem is getting stuck there.

When you are in SHADOW, your primary concern is to avoid discomfort or to feel in control. Think of yourself. Do you sometimes feel unsafe, defensive? Like a "people pleaser" or victim?" Or are you the person who must always feel in control--"one-up, top-dog"  victimizer? Have you ever found yourself swinging between the two--in the "Victim-Victimizer Swing" where feeling safe or getting what you think you want or need is foremost!

What's gone wrong? Why do you go into the SHADOWS? What can you do about it? Can you change?    

You can find answers to these questions in my book, Become the Person You Were Meant to Be - The Choice-Cube Method:  Step by Step to Choice and Change, was written specifically to provide answers. A specific blog on this website might also be helpful (See the key word to the right.)

If you want to make some changes, it's up to you. Take a look around the web-site. Buy the book. Learn how you can use the Choice-Cube 4 steps and tools to understand yourself and make the changes you need to make to become the person you were meant to be.  


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