This book has changed my life.
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How can you live
in the Light?

Your body, emotions, mind and will/desires make up a fascinating frame-work out of which you may choose to live in Peace and Satisfaction (Light) or in a sometimes defensive, sometimes aggressive state of mind (Shadow). 
Learn more about the Choice-Cube Bridge and its 4 Steps to Hope and Change so that you can choose where you prefer to spend your time and energy.

The Choice-Cube® Bridge Can Help You Find Out, Give You Choice, Help You Change!

Which mind is running your life...
Your subconscious "Shadow mind" or
Your conscious "Light mind?"

Are you someone who seems to have it all together but whose subconscious mind can hijack you with stress, anger, anxiety, lust, feeling overwhelmed, confused, or just feeling numb?

Do you have trouble recognizing when your Shadow mind is in control telling you what to do next?

Do you long to stop repeating things that hurt you and others but you don't know how, or where to begin? Do you deeply want to understand yourself and make healthy choices? 

The Choice-Cube Bridge to choice, change, and learning how to live in the Light is for you!

The Choice-Cube Checklist (see the free offer) can help you find out which mind is in control of your life. Even better, the Choice-Cube Bridge gives you 4 Key Steps and simple Tools that you can use anytime, anywhere to help you stay in the Light or get back there.

Take a look at the free offer. Discover what you can do to give your conscious mind and the Light the upper hand in your life.