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Be your best self,
even on your worst days.

Do you have a habit of becoming unreasonably  defensive or aggressive? Is your habit interfering with your life and relationships? Would you like to understand why you do what you do and free yourself to do something different…. make better choices?

The simple Tools and 4 Steps of the Choice-Cube Method help you find your "healthy best self" ––the part of you that can stay conscious and aware–– helping you to successfully manage daily irritations, change habits you don't want, and resolve old wounds.

Learn how to develop the freedom to  choose what you pay attention to and how to make healthy, satisfying, and life giving choices.

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The Choice-Cube Method - learning to understand how my body, emotions, thoughts and will can work together for good or to keep me stuck - has changed my entire worldview and affected how I interact with others for the better.
— Client

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