MIND: Step 3

Do you see yourself as "less than" or "better than" others? Are you thinking like a victim or a victimizer? Is your thinking chaotic or rigid? Are you sometimes chaotic and unable to focus or are you rigidly focused and inflexible?

Try the Choice-Cube® Method: The Mechanics of Staying Connected, Honest, and Compassionate. Using the tools and steps of the Method, you can *retrain your brain and recondition your body to shift to more balanced and flexible, positive and creative thinking. 

Be primed to take responsibility for what you think, feel, want and do!

The SEESAW TOOL presents a way to see both sides of reality in your mind and choose which side you prefer to focus on.

  • Hold out your hands, palms up. Bring to mind a difficult life situation in which you can see both the negative and positive sides.

  • In your mind, hold the negative—shadow--side of reality in your left hand. (What's happening in your body? What are yousaying to yourself? Can you name your emotions? (pride, anger, craving/lust, shame, fear, overwhelm, or disgust) Your desires?

  • Hold the positive—light--side of reality in your right hand. (As above, check your reactions: body, emotions, mind, and desires)

  • Take ownership of what you think , feel, and want--both sides of your reality-.

  • Now, focus carefully on the shadow reality in your left hand... experience it . Now, on the Light reality in your right hand.

  • Go back and forth between the negative and positive sides of reality at least three or four times.

  • Ask yourself how you prefer to feel, think, and act. Which side do you want to focus on? Are you ready to make a choice?

  • Remind yourself that you will get more of whatever you focus on!

Are you ready for Step 4?


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