As you answer your Choice Profile Questions

I invite you to pay attention to which areas of your reactions give you trouble: Body, Emotions, Mind, or Will/Desires.

Doing this is helpful in two ways:

  1. You become more aware of your reactions.

  2. Your awareness helps you focus on actions needed to change those reactions.

Each section of the book that deals with Body, Emotions, Mind, and Will can both help you better understand yourself and equip you with simple Tools and Steps to help you make changes you desire. 

So, enjoy the questions and feel free to contact me if you have questions.

Choice-Cube Self-Assessment

Choice-Cube Self-Assessment

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Select the answer choice that most accurately reflects how often each statement feels true.
1. I know when I feel stressed.
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2. I have healthy ways of calming myself down and getting free from stress.

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