Your body, emotions, mind and will / desires make up a fascinating framework out of which you may choose to live - moment by moment - either consciously in the Light or on autopilot in Shadow.

This step-by-step system for change helps you recognize Shadow and quickly shift to the Light.


STEP 1: Manage Your Body

Recognize and manage stress in your body.

Bodywork Tools

Bodywork Tools are as simple as deep breathing or tapping your hand. On Step 1, RECOGNIZE, the Tools help you manage the bodily stress of Shadow and reconnect your body and mind.

Three Meltdown Tools
The Three Meltdown Tools are an "emergency kit" to help you pull out of feeling overwhelmed and in a "meltdown." When you feel overwhelmed, panicky, of even numb, you need simple tools that don't require a lot of thinking, analysis, or will power. These three simple, powerful, and quick tools can help you manage the stress driving your reactions.

STEP 2: Manage Your Emotions

Interrupt and Release your negative emotions (safely and appropriately).

Self-Parenting Tools

Use the Self-Parenting Tools of Step 2 to INTERRUPT/RELEASE the energy of negative emotions, Use these tools to find immediate relief, but also to create a safe place for yourself. They help rework past issues and release negative energy locked in your body for years. 

NOTE: Negative emotions can lock in wrong thinking. They hide the positive side of reality. These negative emotions need to be released before you can think clearly and see the whole truth big picture.

STEP 3: Manage Your Mind

Refocus your mind on the positive (though you see the negative side also).


Stronghold Management Tools

"Strongholds" are areas of your life where you accept lies or half-truths as the truth and lose your freedom of choice. The Stronghold Management Tools of Step 3, REFOCUS, help you see both sides of reality ---the big picture–– and focus on your strengths, options, and possibilities. When you use these tools, you can choose where you want to focus.

STEP 4: Manage Your Will / Desires

Replace negative will / desires. Act on positive ones.

Reality Tools

Now that you have managed your bodily stress, negative emotions, and shadow thoughts and images, you are ready to use Reality Tools to take Step 4, REPLACE/ACT. This is the last step of the 4 Steps to hope and change. You can use Reality Tools to resolve problems "win-win."    Instead of trying to avoid or control people, things, actions, and problems inappropriately, on Step 4, you change your behaviors and rewire  your brain so that you live and act from a place of peace, joy,  love and confidence--in the light. 

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