When you are in your BEST SELF, you are aware, present with peace of mind. You are connected to the honest and compassionate part of you and the best of your conscious mind is in control. You can see both sides of reality and choose which reality you prefer to focus on. Though you know you are far from perfect, you accept yourself and can usually take positive action.

Are you ready to stay aware and make healthy choices and changes that express the best of who you are? 


When you are in SHADOW, you are on auto pilot. Your subconscious mind and your past are controlling you and your choices. Often, you are repeating distorted, limiting thoughts, feelings and behaviors that cause you to use strategies that can be life-threatening, or useless at best. These ways of reacting to life helped you get by in the past, but they are undermining you and your relationships in the present. You are disconnected to the best of who you are and at the mercy of your negative subconscious mind.

Are you ready to stop sleepwalking through life, allowing your past and your subconscious mind to hijack you? Do you want to retrain and rewire your brain and body to to live in the light?


LIGHT:  In the Light you are honest but kind. You feel grateful, peaceful, hopeful, and satisfied. Feeling this way is meant to be your normal way of life. Stress and problems come around, but in the light you:

  • manage to stay open and curious, like a kid.

  • stay balanced, a "giver," not just a "taker.'

  • refuse to use old strategies to avoid or control people and problems inappropriately.

  • find creative, honest, and compassionate ways to resolve issues β€œwin-win.”

  • take action to make changes and resolve difficulties "win-win" whenever possible.

SHADOW:  It's normal to go into shadow. Things happen. The problem is getting stuck there, in Shadow where you:

  • feel stressed, confused, frustrated, anxious, or just numb.

  • avoid confrontation and personal discomfort. Or you do whatever seems necessary to feel in control.

  • try to control difficult people and situations in ways that feel safe (avoid or control) but fail to resolve the issue "win-win."

  • are a "people-pleaser" or you are the person who must always stay in control.

  • swing between reacting a victim, less than,d one down or reacting as a victimizer, better than, one-up.

  • feel stuck with no options, no way out... living a lot of life on autopilot.

Are you ready to take the Step 1?