BODY: Step 1

Have you tried, failed and given up on change?  Do unresolved problems interfere with your relationships, work, and physical health?

You may benefit from the Choice-Cube® Method!

Most approaches look at one or two aspects of getting well, but fail to see the underlying causes - the underlying principles of how humans function are not addressed.   So people often try, fail and finally give up.

BODYWORK TOOLS are as simple as deep breathing or tapping your hand. They help you recognize and manage bodily stress, Step 1 of the Choice-Cube® Method.

Try the BODY SCAN TOOL, a quick, progressive relaxation exercise to increase awareness of your body-mind connection. You get relief in the present and also train your brain into greater awareness of your physical state. With repetition, you can train yourself to interrupt stress before it overcomes you!


Slow down your breathing. Slowly inflate an imaginary balloon in your belly.
Then let the air out slowly, gently. Continue this as you scan down your body

Now, as you breath slowly and gently....

  • Relax between your eyes.
  • Relax your upper lip and the inside of your mouth and your tongue. 
  • Drop your shoulders
  • Relax the palms of your hands. 
  • Feel yourself sitting in your chair. 
  • Relax your knees. 

Focus on your feet. Feel the ground pressing up against the soles of your feet.

  • Imagine your feet getting wider and longer putting down roots.
  • Slow down. Feel your feet getting larger, wider, longer, starting to put down roots.
  • You are a strong tree, rooted and grounded, planted. by a slow moving river. 
  • Slow down. Breathe!
  • Let any stress drain out through the roots to the gentle river.
  • Center yourself again, con­tained within your body and skin. You feel safe, relaxed.
  • Enjoy breathing deeply and feel­ing fully relaxed.

Now repeat the body scan. This time, as you scan down your body, allow any tension to drain down and out through the “roots” to the gently flowing “river of life” beneath your roots. Watch it being gently swept away. Breathe, relax. The river flows along and car­ries away your stress. Focus on the wonderful feeling of being relaxed and in your body as the tension drains down and floats away.

Face and Posture: Put on a pleasant look. Feel an inward smile, as if you are looking at someone you love. The emo­tional expressions that you put on your face can send powerful messages to the brain about how to feel.

The message on your face goes to your brain, and your brain tells your body to act as if the emotions were real.

Check your posture. Are you collapsed, How you present your body tells a lot about what you are feeling

Are you ready for Step 2?


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