Stuck or Free: Your Choice!

The problem is not that we are depressed, anxious, angry, or in conflict. This is normal, a part of life.

The problem is when we get stuck and seem unable to resolve our issues. We fail to make healthy choices. We repeat old ones and can't seem to change.

Why do we get stuck in this way? Because we fail to stay present, consciously aware. We seem unable to see the whole truth of a situation with compassion for ourselves and others.

Instead, We go on auto-pilot. Our powerful sub-conscious mind takes over. Instincts and automatic habits dictate our reactions to ourselves, others, and the world. Often, we don't even realize it.

Our creative, problem-solving conscious mind can control the reactions of our body, emotions, mind (thoughts and pictures in our mind), and will/desires. Instead, they control us.

We no longer seem free to choose. Unresolved past experiences stored in our sub-conscious mind run our life.

Understanding, having tools and four steps to freedom can give us choice and help us change. This is what my recently published book, "Become the Person You Were Meant to Be," is about.

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