Bottom Up - Top Down Crashes

 Current information from our five senses can
  come up from our body and collide with
  misperceptions and unrealistic expectations
  that come down from our mind. For example, I
  hear the words, "I love you."but I still think
  I am unlovable and undesirable.
  Or, a message may come up from my body telling
  me that my stomach hurts, but I remember my
  mother telling me it can't be hurting because
  I just ate.
  It's enough to make a body and mind go numb or
  panicky and "split off," becoming less in touch
  with reality and the big picture. 

  Now, we're in trouble. Split off from ourselves,
  we are evn less likely to find the truth and the
  full reality of the situation. And as a result some or all of
  what we think, feel and do will be inappropriate.
  Sometimes it takes strong mental effort to
  stay present and in touch with reality.
  Failure to do so usually exacts a high price.
  How often, if ever, do you split off from
  yourself and reality?  How committed are
  you to staying aware, open, and curious so
  you can make healthy choices and changes
  that empower you to become the person
  you were meant to be?