Change and Rewire Your Brain

Yes, I said it!  Rewire your brain.
It works like this. Each time we repeat a
thought, emotion,or action, we go over
pathways in our brain that carry the
information and energy of that reaction.

Repeatedly going over nerve pathways is like
repeatedly driving a car over a dirt road,We
create ruts in that road that deepen every
time we drive over them. This makes them
more likely to grab our tires and force
us to stay in the rut.

In the same way, the more we repeat a thought,
emotion, or action, the more power we give it
to grab us and cause us to repeat it again and again.

In fact ruts or pathways can become so deep
that it often seems easier just to roll along
and allow them to control us.

Here's where rewiring comes in. We can train
ouselves to stay aware of what we are tempted
to repeat, but do something different. When we
do something different, we interfere with the
old ruts or nerve pathways. Now, we can refuse
to go over them and choose to make new, healthier
pathways. We actually rewire our brains.

Out with the old. In with the new!
Let's get started.