You Can't Fill A Leaky Heart

"You can't fill a leaky heart." my son said
in a recent conversation. Humm, "How do you
fix a leaky heart?"  I wondered. Can it ever
be full again?

Upon reflection, my answer is, "Yes." Yes, we
can fix our leaky hearts,if we are willing to
be honest and compassionate with others and
ourselves. Yes,our once leaky hearts can be
full again.

Honesty and compassion are the antidotes to
a leaky heart. Both require finding courage,
forgiving, and accepting forgiveness, which may
hurt, take time, and require humility. Facing
the truth and letting go of old thoughts and
feelings is never easy. But we can do it.

I admit to having a leaky heart that is healing.
Honesty and compassion are working for me.
What about you? Would you like to give honesty
and compassion a try?

I would love to hear from you on this matter.