Change That Attitude! And You’ll Change Your Body…

NEW NEWS ABOUT LONG LIFE Have you heard the term “psychoneuroimmunology” or the study of the mind-body connection? This exciting field is shedding new light on the secret of longevity and perfect health. Do you think your blood sugar levels, blood pressure, or genetic influences alone determine how long you live? Then think again.

The big news is that these factors – though still important, together with a balanced diet and exercise – are not solely responsible for longevity. Subjective information, like positive thoughts and attitudes also come into play.

BODY AND MIND ARE NOT SEPARATE Attitudes are not separate from our bodies just because they don’t take up a physical space. Attitude affects our health and interacts with our body to cause changes that may be positive or negative depending on whether our attitude is, likewise, positive or negative.

Ever wonder why a hypochondriac is always sick? It is not because they were born at a disadvantage with a weaker immune system. Most likely, they were born healthy babies, like most of us. Something along the way led them to believe their immune system was weak – perhaps an overprotective parent, or an illness – , and this attitude sends the message home, giving all of those nasty bugs and viruses a perfect host.

EMOTIONAL STATES SEND PHYSICAL MESSAGES TO THE BODY. And although attitudes and positive thoughts are not easily measured or quantified, there is hard, scientific evidence to support this. It has been proven that emotional states change the chemistry in our bodies. Different states of mind deliver different chemical messages (through tiny proteins called neuropeptides) that are either beneficial or detrimental to our health.

This should come as no surprise. Everyone knows that prolonged stress can increase the risk of heart disease, for example. By the same token, a positive attitude can significantly decrease this risk.

WHAT SHOULD WE DO? So, what should we do if we wish to live long, full and healthy lives? Think happy thoughts? If only it were that easy! What we must do first is identify and interrupt negative thoughts. Interrupting negative thoughts with appreciation and caring can actually increase a body’s level of antibodies! If we can learn to replace negative mindsets with positive, loving thoughts for ourselves and our bodies, we could very well be on our way to a long, happy life.

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