Our Journey from Shadow to Light

       From Victim-Victimizer through Psychologically Healthy
                                                 to Spiritually Awake

        We are all on a life-time journey from shadow to light. This journey challenges us daily,
        even moment-to-moment, to become the best of who we are---the person
        we were meant to be.

       First, we stop reacting to life as victims or victimizers. As victims we see others
       as trying to fix, hurt, or control us. As victimizers, wseek to fix, hurt, or control others.
      Often we swing between the two. 

      Next, we become psychologically healthy. We stop blaming or trying to control

     others. Instead, we take full responsibility for what we think, feel, and do. We see truth and compassion as the way

      to  solve our problems. And we change the one

      person we can change, ourselves!



     Finally, we recognize that we are more than
     body, emotions, thoughts, and desires. We 
     awaken spiritually and find God, the "Divine",


     or our Higher Power.       




     On our journey, we work through unresolved
     life issues that keep us reacting as victims,
     or victimizers
, stuck in the shadows. We
     become increasingly psychologically healthy
     and empowered. And as we seek God, we
     awaken spiritually. Increasingly, we live in


     the light and become the person we were meant to be.