Power to Live Longer?

          How you live your life may give you power
          to live longer. Do you tend to be: Active,
          emotionally calm, organized? Or do you tend
          to be:  Anxious, angry, fearful?

          Emotional stability and a wisely active life-
          style "can reduce health risks, increase life
          satisfaction and significantly extend life.

          suggests The Baltimore Longitudinal
          Study on Aging.

          This study by the National Institute of Aging
          in Baltimore, Maryland was based on 50 years
          of assessing the personality traits of 2,359
          generally healthy participants between the 
          ages of 17 and 98.

         The study found that the most signif-
         icant predictors of death were traits
         of emotional instability such as: anger,
         depression, feelings of vulnerability,
         and anxiety. 

        According to Dr. Antonio Terracciano, lead

       study author, these findings add to the growing

       reseach indicating that,  "enduring cognitive,

       emotional and behavioral tendencies (personality

        traits) have significant influence on health and longevity." 
          You have choice. You can change. And it
          seems that how you choose and change can 
          give you power to live longer with greater