You Too Can Rewire Your Brain

                Become a "rewired overcomer"---
                   the person you were meant to be

        Rewire the lighting in your dining room,
        rewire your brain? They're similar. How?
        It all starts with our will, mind, emotions,
        and body. These are our inward reactions. 
        I call them our *"Cubi".


        Awareness and good management of our 'Cubi"

        is critical if we want to make changes.In fact,

        conscious rewiring always starts with our will.

        First, we decide what we want to change/rewire:

        the lighting in our dining room, our smoking addic-
        tion, our fear of having a baby. 


       Then we move on to get a clear and realistic
       picture in our mind of how the new lighting
       looks, what happens when we no longer 
       smoke, how having a baby changes our life. 


        Now we are ready to check in with our
        emotions. This is critical. If negative emo-
        tions are attached to our picture, we will
        be in conflict.      


        Ah conflict! We might as well stop the
        process and go back to the drawing board.
        Before we can go any further, we need to
        work through the conflict. Consider the 
        Choice-Cube Method and **"crossing the bridge".

         But let's say we have nothing by positive
         emotions, joy, excitement, hope, sat-
         isfaction. We're not in conflict. Now 
         we are ready to use our body to take


        We do something positive. Get a hammer, 
           crush that cigarette and get  a plan, talk things

           over with our spouse and choose a baby's name.

           We start small. *The important thing is to recognize

           conflict, manage it, and move on.  
         Rewiring has begun. We will have to repeat
         this "will, mind, emotions, and body" process.
         But we stay focused. Even though we confront
         and manage conflict, we focus on, and enjoy, 
         the fruit of our positive actions.

         Conflict diminishes; joy; satisfaction  increases. And with repetition, we  become  "rewired overcomers"---the person we were meant to be.
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     **  Research shows that acting "as if" is another  powerful way  to rewire our brain. However,  even acting "as if", requires that we
manage the reactions of our body, emotions, mind, and will---our "Cubi."