Focus Hocus-Pocus

I see a shadow and whisper to a friend, "A mugger!" My friend focuses on the same shadow and knows it’s just a shadow. Why are our experiences so different? Because of our past experiences. My past programs determine , what I focus on and the meaning I give to it.The same is true for you.
Say I am programmed to be a victim. I am likely to focus on parts of a situation that make me feel like a victim. For example, if I’m turned down for a job I may blame myself, "I talked too much. I shouldn't have worn the green skirt. It was too short. I always fail. What’s wrong with me?"

Or I may take a victimizer position and blame the interviewers, "They didn’t give me a chance. They don’t like the color of my skin. It’s not fair. They're jerks anyway."

Whenever things don’t go my way, it's likely that my focus and reactions will be the same in the present as they were inthe past. I will think, feel, and do the same things I've always thought, felt, and done. And that’s the end of it. I won't ask myself if my reactions are appropriate or helpful. Magically—focus hocus-pocus---I don’t have to think any further.

But I have choice! Instead of doing the same old thing one more time, I can look for the truth of why I failed to get the job, make the baseball team, or win the beauty contest. I can open my focus, learn from the experience, and do something different the next time. 

The Choice-Cube Method, an innovative approach to self-help offers simple tools and four key steps to help you stay aware of your reactions and do something different. Using the method, you can train yourself to stay aware of a negative focus and unhelpful reactions. Then instead of getting stuck repeatimg the same old things one more time, you can open your mind to options and possibilites. Using the method gives you choice and creates change.

What about you? How much choice do have? How eager are you to know the truth? If you feel stuck,don’t be disheartened.The Choice-Cube®Method can help you understand and manage your focus and reactions. Dr. Beth Cujé, therapist and author of the book, Become the Person You Were Meant to Be, is giving you the opportunity to download the first chapter of the book for FREE. Just click here and see what the Choice-Cube Method® can do for you today.