Whether you are new to learning about and acknowledging your emotions or are a master on the topic, it is always good to remember these 11 facts about your emotions… Remember, you must know your “enemy” to be able to conquer it: 

  1. Emotions reflect what we believe about something—the meaning we attach to it. 

  2. Emotions give meaning to life. Without emotions, life would be a chore. 

  3. Once our emotions are sufficiently stirred up, they can drive our thinking, will, and behaviors. 

  4. All emotions have physical sensations that we can recognize if we check our body. 

  5. Numbness, an aspect of overwhelm, is just as much a feeling as anger and fear. 

  6. Simply admitting to ourselves that we have a PACS-FOGD feeling—I hate that. or I’m afraid or ashamed. or I feel numb.—and labeling that emotion, anger, fear, shame, overwhelm, quiets the amygdala in the emotional center of our brain. 

  7. We can acknowledge and accept a negative emotion without acting on it. 

  8. Each emotion has a limited amount of emotional “charge.” Once we identify an emotion and use the tools to interrupt and release it, we weaken it and can manage it better. 

  9. For Christians, honestly admitting we have a PACS-FOGD feeling can be like repenting. When we are honest and compassionate with ourselves, we can accept God’s forgiveness and trust his power to help us overcome negative emotions. 

  10. Emotions that we mindfully and appropriately release do not return! When we mindfully and appropriately let go of an emotion, what we let out does not return. It sometimes seems as if the emotion has come back, but this is not the case. What we are experiencing in such cases is more unreleased feelings pushing up to the surface, now ready to be released. 

  11. Remember—if we fail to release negative emotions and mindlessly repeat them, we strengthen them and give them power to control us. We must be careful here and not shut down our feelings. Rather we can learn how to let go of them safely and appropriately (without hurting ourselves or others).

Copyright Dr. Beth Blevins Cujé 2009

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