What's Running Your Life?

ARE HABITS RUNNING YOUR LIFE? It’s a good idea to become aware of the little, and big, habits that run your life; the ones that keep you on auto-pilot. Why not sit down and look over your current lifestyle. Ask yourself what you are doing that is mindless, habitual, and no longer enjoyable. You may even have a habit pattern that is hurtful to yourself and others.

WE LOVE THAT COMFORT ZONE! Change is always challenging! And most of us structure our lives to stay in our comfort zone. But avoiding change and staying stuck in the comfort of mindless habits can lead to stagnation, or worse. Not a pretty picture.

CHANGE YOUR FOCUS – CHANGE YOUR LIFE Become aware of what you want to change. But. . . instead of focusing on that, shift your focus to how you prefer to be. Instead of doing the same old thing one more time, do something different. Comb your hair a different way. Try a phone call instead of email or vice-versa. Instead of blowing up when you feel hurt, take a deep breath and say, Help me understand what’s going on here.

WHATEVER WE FOCUS ON GETS OF MORE OF IT It’s true. Whatever we focus on, good or bad, opens the door for more of it in our lives. Our subconscious mind is like a mindless robot and our focus makes the object of our focus important. The robot reads that importance as wanting more of the same and makes sure we get it.

HOW MUCH CHOICE DO YOU HAVE WITH YOUR FOCUS? If you are hungry, you will focus on food. It you have an addiction, try as you might, you will come back to focusing on your addiction. If you are thinking about buying a new car, you will pay attention to new cars.

Just how aware are you of where you focus. And how much choice do you have where you focus? You can retrain yourself, change and grow, and engage life more fully.

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