Did You Know You Are Not Alone in Your Head?

Yes! There is someone else living inside your head with you.

You may think it is you, you may not recognize it as a different “being”, but it is just as strong as the strongest person, and it is against you.


This “entity” that lives inside your head is called the inner critic, and it is the negative voice in your head.

Can you hear it? Pointing at you or others, even blaming God. Criticizing. Judging. Condemning. “You blew it. It’s all your fault. You looked stupid. You’ll never get it right. Nobody likes you. You’re no good.”

That’s your inner critic talking, the wise, analytical part of you gone sour.


The inner critic is an internal audio-video recording of all the negative experiences of your life. These experiences are embedded in your nervous system in pathways that link thoughts, emotions, mental pictures, physical sensations, desires, beliefs, and behaviors.

Let’s say you felt unloved as a child, you may believe the lie that you can never be loved. The inner critic will hit you with this message any time you move toward someone who could really care for you.


The good news is that you can expose, interrupt, and replace these negative messages, this “entity”, with the full truth that you may not be perfect but that someone could love you.


Your experiences may have convinced you that your inner critic is right. We agree. Often, it is partly right. But even if what the inner critic says is 100% true, it is still only PART of the truth, never the WHOLE TRUTH. Half truth is all it takes to make it a lie.

You can interrupt and replace the inner critic’s “killer” messages. You can train yourself to recognize, interrupt, and replace its lies and half-truths with the full truth.

Truth is your weapon against the inner critic. Use it and you can even make the inner critic your teacher! How? Well… when you face the worst it tells you about who you are or could be - choose to be the best instead.

You can only know who you really are when you know who you have chosen NOT to be. 

                                      Copyright Dr. Beth Blevins Cujé 2009

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