So You Want To Make Some Changes

       So you want to make some changes. 
        Are you clear about what you want

        to change and  how you prefer to be. 

        For example,
       "I want to stop biting  my fingernails."
        Or, "I want to cut back on smoking." 


        Do you have a clear picture in your mind

        of yourself when you stop biting or smoke less?
         Can you imagine what emotions you will have
         when you see longer healthy nails?
         When  you say "No!" to that cigarette? 


         And can you imagine what how your body will feel 
         each time you have a victory?

         Now the work begins. It starts with
         your ability to stay focused on your goal.
         I call this "sustained focus." 

          In my next blog, I'll discuss how to create
          "sustained focus." In the meantime, think
          about what you want, how it will look,
          what emotion you will feel, and how your
          body will feel when you succeed. 

          Remember this. Whatever you focus on
          will get you more of the same.