Learn This Great One Minute Body Scan Relaxation Exercise

Before you begin:

1.  Put yourself on a Stress Scale 0-10. Zero is totally relaxed. Ten is totally tense.
 2.  Slow down your breathing and inflate an imaginary balloon in your            belly. Then let  the air out, slowly and gently.

3. Continue to breathe slowly and  deeply while you scan down your body as   follows:

-      Relax between your eyes; stop frowning.

-      Relax your upper lip and the inside of your mouth and tongue

-      Drop your shoulders

-      Relax the palms of your hands

-      Relax your knees

-      Maintain the slow deep breathing, filling and emptying the balloon.

-      Move your attention to your feet. Feel the ground pressing up against the soles of your feet, and imagine           them getting wider and longer.

-      Watch your breathing. Slow down.

-     Gently move your toes and feel your feet                           getting larger, wider, longer, and starting to  put down       roots.  Imagine those roots going  down deep into the       ground.

-     Now, repeat the body scan, and as you do, let all               tension drain down and out through the roots to the         gently flowing river of life beneath them: 

-      Relax the space between your eyes.

-      Relax your upper lip, tongue, and insides of your                 mouth.

-      Drop the shoulders.

-      Relax the palms of your hands.

-      Relax your knees.

-      Feel the ground beneath your feet.

-      Grow the roots.

-      All tension drains down through the roots to the river and is swept away gently as the river flows and              carries away your stress. 

When you do this exercise you train your brain to be fully aware of your physical state. Regular repetition of this exercise teaches teach you how to interrupt stress before it overcomes you and changes your brain.

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