"Making It Safe:" A Choice-Cube Tool

Here are four simple steps that can change any relationhip for the better.

Try it and see how it helps. P.S. There's a funny video after the steps.

1.  Acknowledge what the other person is feeling. You don't have to understand it or agree with it. Just acknowledge it.

2.  Touch the person gently if it is appropriate.

3.  Reassure the other of your concern and willingness to understand the problem and work it out with him or her. 

4.  Offer to help solve the problem. Note:This is the last thing you do. Don't try to solve the problem until the other feels heard, understood and accepted.

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From: Become The Person You Were Meant To Be - The Choice-Cube Method: Step by Step To Choice and Change (2nd Edition. p.118).

Note: You can use this tool to calm and support your won "inner child."