The Two Biggest Steps On Your Spiritual Journey

Why is change, trusting God, and obeying his Word so hard… even for committed Christians?

Could it be that our focus is solely on own happiness and fulfillment, even on our own spiritual life? Is the goal of our spiritual walk and transformation just about blessing “me and mine”? 

I wouldn’t call this selfish. Perhaps we simply don’t question the cultural indoctrination of the “me generation?” Or we may only want the promises of God’s blessing in “my life, my family, my tribe, my church” so that we can lead happier, more fulfilled lives.

Of course, we all want joy and satisfaction. As born again Christians, we want to “live in the Light” in intimate relationship with Father God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.  But… is this the full purpose of being born again? 

Perhaps the transformational journey from shadow to “living in the light” is about awakening to two things: to becoming the person God created us to be and, as God leads, becoming a servant to others.

The challenges of changing and reprogramming ourselves to this new perspective can feel overwhelming. Many a Christian prefers to continue in a cocoon of familiarity, confusion, and pain rather than endure the fight to break out of the world system and become God’s fully committed servant. 

But understand... falling short of God’s will for us only perpetuates our suffering. Consciously or subconsciously, we are choosing short-term avoidance of effort and discomfort for long-term suffering and lack of true fulfillment.

Is it time to embrace the truth that our lives are not our own to do with as we please? Can it be that in everything we do, we are accountable to God and that it is time to make living in the Light our life’s priority? 

If we make this life-shift, everything about our lives will change. We will have a different perspective on our personal issues and problems, and those of the world. As we retrain ourselves to focus on something greater than ourselves, all the details of life that so easily overwhelm us and seem impossible to overcome will become less significant. In the process, we will become happy, joyous, and free!–-true children of God.