Envy or Jealousy -- What's The Difference?

Envy or Jealous -- What's the difference?

 I think the answer to this question is simple enough. 

  • Envy is wanting what another has. 
  • Jealousy is wanting what another has plus wanting them not to have it. 
  • Both envy and jealousy contain various emotions.

Envy has Craving/lust for what the other has. There may be a negtive Pride that always wants to be the best. Perhaps there's some sadness (Grief) that one doesn't have what the other has. But Jealousy. . .

Ah, jealousy, is less benign. It shares envy's emotions of Craving/lust, Pride, and Grief. But jealousy also contains resentment--Anger--and possibly Shame that one does not have what the other has.

Both envy and jealousy are made up of various emotions we would do well to get rid of right away

There' always more to learn and overcome, isn't there. 

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