Oxytocin - Warm Hugs With That Guy Or Gal?

 DEBBIE’S STORY         Debbie recalls the day she met her husband. It was the typical scene of gazes meeting across a crowded room. They spoke. They danced. He walked her home. They shared a brief kiss. But then they hugged. And that was what did it for her. She knew right then and there he was the man for her. A few years later they married.

What happened that first night? Love at first sight? Magic? Ah, wouldn’t it be romantic, but no. Most likely, their romance was influenced by a surge of oxytocin – a hormone that passionate physical touch and closeness releases in the brain.

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Understanding a Sex Addiction – Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods is back in the limelight, this time, after having fired Steve Williams, the man who had been his caddie, close friend and confidant for the past 12 years and 200+ golf tournaments.

The Tiger Woods/Steve Williams split reminds us of another Tiger Woods “divorce.” Less than two years ago, Woods was involved in a sex scandal that inevitably led to his much-publicized divorce from Elin Nordegren. His sex addiction was front page news and the object of a media circus.

But what is a sex addiction, really, or any addiction for that matter? Do we really understand what an addiction is?

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