Unseen Forces Are Negatively Affecting Your Life

Unseen forces are negatively affecting your life and mine. Two powerful forces, the “spirit of this world” and our unconscious, deeply affect what we think, feel, want, and do.

Scripture says about the “spirit of this world” For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.(Ephesians 6: 12  (KJV) We’re in a battle for our life!

Regarding the unconscious, we are born hard-wired with a desire to survive, whatever the cost. The Bible describes this a being “born dead in trespasses and sin" (Ephesians 2:1). When we are in this state, we will, mindlessly and automatically, do whatever we believe necessary to AVOID or CONTROL/POSSESS whatever threatens our sense of safety and pleasure. 

But thanks be to God there is a third alternative. In contrast to domination by the spirit of this world or by our unconscious, we can stay conscious and aware and try to RESOLVE the issue “win-win” with honesty and compassion and the power of the Holy Spirit.

With this third alternative, we overcome our desire to AVOID or to CONTROL a troubling person, thing, action, or problem. We are willing, if not eager, to seek the whole truth with compassion for others and ourselves in our effort to RESOLVE the issue.

The Third Alternative is not second nature to us. It must be learned and practiced. Step by step we learn to confront the fears and lusts that would keep us stuck trying to AVOID or to CONTROL people, things, and problems. 

So what are these steps? Universal and eternal, they are always the same.

Confess -- Manage my body stress and my desire to AVOID and CONTROL

Repent -- Interrupt and release the emotions driving my desire to AVOID or to CONTROL                                                  so that I can do something different—move in a different direction.

See Garbage and God’s Grace -- I open my mind to the whole truth with compassion for others  and myself. Then I can choose to focus on resolving the issue win-win.

Take Action God’s Way in God’s Time -- Having seen the big picture and choosing to focus on doing God’s will, I line up my will with his and take action in line with his Word. 

 To help us take these steps, we have both spiritual weapons and weapons of the body and soul (thoughts, emotions, desires). The Choice-Cube offers weapons--tools and techniques--to manage our body, emotions, mind, and will--our soul so that we can stay aware, compassionate, and in touch with the Holy Spirit. Using these tools, we can take these steps anytime, anywhere.

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