How To Use Your Two Feet In Your Walk With God

"What do my feet have to do with my spiritual walk?" you may ask. Well, a healthy spiritual walk keeps an ever-fresh balance between one footstep (focus on your sin and repentance) and the other footstep (focus on God’s grace and forgiveness). 

How important it is to keep your focus on sin balanced with your focus on Jesus’ grace and forgiveness

Think about it. When you walk with God, don’t just hop on one foot (focus on sin without genuine repentance) or linger too long, ignoring the other foot (God’s grace and forgiveness.)

A godly, spiritual walk is exactly that. A walk. Staying on the path to heaven, use both feet, one after the other.

You take one footstep (awareness of sin and repentance), then you take a step with the other foot (awareness of God's grace and forgiveness).  

And on and on, repentance and grace, repentance and grace. One foot after the other in an life-giving sequence of repentance and grace