The four key steps of the Method will help you cross the Choice-Cube Bridge from Shadow to Light.

When you “cross the bridge,” you acknowledge that you are in Shadow and take full responsibility for your reactions. Then you use the Tools to take the four steps to resolve the issue. As you take the 4 Steps, you find immediate relief, rework past issues, and make changes that last.

Step 1: Recognize and manage stress in your BODY.

Step 2: Interrupt and Release your negative EMOTIONS (safely and appropriately).

Step 3: Refocus your MIND on the positive (though you see the negative side also).

Step 4: Replace negative WILL/DESIRES. Act on positive ones.

  • As you take these four steps, you resolve both present and past issues. Why past issues?  Because after you manage stress and negative emotions, you can expose and challenge old negative beliefs that keep you stuck. When you change those old limiting beliefs you change the reactions of you body, emotions, ind, and will/desire and you can choose new behaviors.
  • With time, repeatedly taking the 4 Steps-– cross the bridge-–you gain a clear picture of reality and new freedom of choice. You rewire your brain.  Positive changes become a reality and you become who you were meant to be. 
  • There's hope! You can cross the bridge and change your life.